We provide several engineering services

EMPI's engineering capability embraces a wide spectrum of:

  1. Fertilizers:Potassium,Ammonia,Urea Synthesis,Urea Granulation,Nitric acid and Ammonium nitrate.
  2. Organic chemicals and intermediates,Coal Chemicals,chloralkali and derivatives
  3. Inorganic Chemicals,fine and specialty chemicals and miscellaneous chemicals
  4. Fully integrated petrochemical complexes and individual petrochemical units.
  5. Polymer units:Bulk polymers,Polyolefins,stryrene-based polymers,engineered plastics,Elastomers.


  1. Tank and Vessel Design
  2. Material Handling and Conveyor Systems Design
  3. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design (HVAC)
  4. Rotating and Fixed Equipment Specifications and Selection
  5. Dust Collection and Industrial Ventilation


  1. FEA Nozzle Analysis
  2. 3-D Electronic Modeling
  3. ISO-generation
  4. Piping Specifications
  5. General/Piping Layout Design,Stress Analysis

Civil and structural engineering covers several specialized sectors including buildings of all kinds, transport and communications infrastructure. This includes the production, storage and distribution of electricity, gas and water. In addition to engineering services, our company also provides construction cost estimating and construction support.

Our goal is to provide innovating engineering solutions and services including:

  1. Structural Analysis and Design for Commercial and Industrial
  2. Steel, Concrete, Masonry, Light Gauge Steel
  3. Foundation Design for Buildings, Structures, and Equipment
  4. Dynamic Analysis of Structures and Foundations
  5. Deep Foundation Systems,Construction Cost Estimating and Support
  6. Building and Equipment Layout,Seismic and Wind Force Design
  7. Bid Package Development
  8. On-site Construction Support,3-D Modeling

Our Electrical and Instrumentation capabilities include:

  1. Power Distribution Analysis and Design
  2. Field Engineers and Technicians,ElectricalDrawings, Specifications and Manuals
  3. New Equipment check out and start up
  4. Indoor and OutdoorLighting Design,FiberOptics
  5. Security and AlarmSystems,
  6. Field Instrumentation Specifications
  7. Emergency Power and LightingSystems,Substations
  8. Control System Upgrades
  9. Grounding and Lightning Protection
  10. Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  11. DCS and PLC Communications

EMPI is a multidisciplinary engineering company using a structure of Competence Units to manage internal knowledge and expertise. EMPI offers design and planning services for new constructionand additions for industrial and commercial projects.Our expertise comes from our experience with a variety of projects types. We believe this experience allows us to bring a fresh approach to our design solutions.

Our capabilities in architectural engineering include:

  1. Architectural Design
  2. Buildings Civil & Steel Structure Detailed Design
  3. Design and analysis of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems
  4. Efficiency and design of plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems
  5. Acoustic and lighting planning, and energy conservation issues

Our capabilities in procurement management include:

  1. Procurement Strategy
  2. Inquiry Specifications
  3. Technical Negotiations
  4. Contractual Negotiations
  5. Commercial Negotiations
  6. Contractual Agreement

EMPI provides construction management services for its customersin all the project execution steps to resolve managerial difficultiesin the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. EMPI construction management team is aimed to meet its customer's requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project, by:

  1. Specifying project objectives and plans including delineation of scope
  2. Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control
  3. Project Planning & Scheduling
  4. Contractor Prequalification
  5. Contract Formulation, Bidding, Negotiation
  6. Setting performance requirements
  7. Maximizing the resource efficiency through procurement of labor, materials and equipment.
  8. Implementing various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction
  9. Developing effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts.

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Headquarters EMPI TUNISIA

El Ain Road Km 4,RAWDHAN building,3rd Floor,3042-Sfax-Tunisia.

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