Process & Chemical Engineering

Mechanical & Piping Engineering

Tank and Vessel Design, Material Handling and Conveyor Systems Design,...

Civil & Structural Engineering

Structural Analysis and Design for Commercial and Industrial,Deep Foundation Systems,...

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Power Distribution Analysis and Design,New Equipment check out and start up,...

Architectural Engineering

Architectural Design,Buildings Civil & Steel Structure Detailed Design,...

Procurement Management

The right Material,At the right Time,At the lowest Cost...

Construction Management

EMPI provides construction management services for its customers in all the project execution steps...

Headquarters EMPI TUNISIA

El Ain Road Km 4,RAWDHAN building,3rd Floor,3042-Sfax-Tunisia.

+216 74 610 640 // +216 74 610 644


Appt.N1,Bloc C,Residence SafSaf,City 1200 homes, Bab Ezzouar - Alger.

+213 673782646 // +213 778945597


44, Al Mahdia Street, Corner Boulevard Yacoub Al Mansour 2nd Floor,Apartment No.8-Casablanca.

+212 635661500


04 BP 1583 Abidjan Ivory Coast.

+225 04541288